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motivation psychology

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Incentives Aren’t Always the Best Solution

Many models of motivation focus on a “carrot and stick” approach, concentrating on the use of incentives to motivate desired behaviors. Research suggests that while incentives can be important and useful in some cases, other factors such as the desire for achievement and effectiveness can be even more important.

Drawing on Intrinsic Motivation Might Be the Best Approach

Designing activities to be intrinsically motivating can make the learning process easier and more effective. Research suggests that there are some vital factors that can be used to increase intrinsic motivation such as ensuring that activities are sufficiently challenging but not impossible, making the activity both attention-grabbing and interesting, giving people personal control over how they approach the activity, offering recognition and praise for efforts, and giving people the opportunity to compare their own efforts to those of others.

Relying on Willpower Alone Is a Mistake

Willpower can only get you so far. Researchers have found that for particularly difficult or onerous tasks, your reserves of willpower can quickly become depleted.6 In one experiment, volunteers had to use willpower to take the role of an unpleasant character in a first task​ and were then asked to not laugh or smile while watching a humorous film clip. Both tasks required willpower, but the researchers found that participants who had “used up” their willpower reserves on the first task found it more difficult to refrain from laughing during the second task. So what’s the solution? The researchers suggest that when willpower runs dry, coming up with sources of internal motivation becomes more important. By finding intrinsic sources of motivation, people can recharge their motivational energies


So how does motivation behave? With presence, intensity, and quality. Motivation is visible through gestures and facial expressions, intense effort, immediacy (or as psychologists like to call it short latency).

The presence of motivation can also be inferred from the levels of persistence and decisiveness in choosing one goal over another, which taken together make for a high probability of occurrence (Atkinson & Birch, 1970; 1978; Bolles, 1975; Ekman & Friesen, 1975)


Motivation can also be inferred from the level of engagement.

For example, in a coaching scenario or a motivational interview, a competent practitioner will enthusiastically and generously contribute to the flow of conversation (agentic engagement), express interest and enjoyment (emotional engagement), process deeply and pay attention (cognitive engagement), and persist in these efforts as if time and the outside world didn’t exist (behavioral engagement). And yes, for many of us, we don’t have those kinds of conversations often.

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